It’s all about the people


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Facebook has taken the online social media world by storm and it’s no wonder that businesses are looking to capitalise on this phenomenon. Previously it has been difficult for businesses to use Facebook as a relative and accurate source of secondary data, but recent developments have seen a change in favour of these emerging tech savvy companies!

The article 7 Facebook Graph Searches That Will Give Your Business An Edge found here, highlights seven handy graph searches that can give businesses useful insight into who likes there business, demographical info and many other useful pieces of information.

One of the most beneficial and interesting accepts of this Facebook search option is Facebook users take the time to really think about what they ‘like’ and in considering this, businesses have the ability to use the graphed information to develop a digital marketing strategy for their online Facebook page.  A visual overview of the graph search interface and how it works can be found here.

So what does Facebook graph search mean to businesses? In the most basic of terms, it is an online S.W.O.T analysis database that segments consumers based on their ‘likes’. For example, if Karen walker typed in “people who like Karen walker and Parnell the graph search would display how many people who lived in Parnell and liked the Karen Walker page. Karen Walker could then use this information to target this market segment.

Sounds too good to be true right? Well there is some interesting controversy buzzing around the internet about privacy issues. The article Facebook’s Graph Search worries security experts found here, provides a comprehensive overview on the potential privacy issues the Facebook graph search may cause users.

Currently the Facebook graph search is only available to roughly 1.1 billion users (unfortunately NZ isn’t on their radar at the moment) as the developers continue to work out the nuts and bolts. The article Facebook rolls out graph search found here, further explains this.


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    Loved it! Awesome read!

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