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The Mystery of the Underlying Message

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Subliminal messaging has always been a bit of a controversial topic with which many great minds debate the feasibility or lack thereof such a concept influencing the consumers’ decision making process. The article The truth behind subliminal marketing messages found here discusses how it works and provides some convincing examples on the matter.

It’s well known or suspected that subliminal messaging is something that many an organisation incorporates into their advertising and marketing schemes however, the measurability of its effects remain elusive. This is not to say that subliminal messaging has no effect on its audience. The article How do Subliminal Messages Work? Found here suggests there is enough information to support the notion of subliminal messaging having the ability to prompt an individual’s reaction but not produce a strong enough effect to alter a person’s behaviour.

Perhaps it is the association with familiar words, objects etc that subliminal messaging uses to encourage a particular perception. Then again there is no reliable evidence to suggest this to be true. The article Subliminal Perception: Facts and Fallacies found here, discusses this further.

Subliminal messaging is suggested to target and draw response from the subconscious mind almost instantaneously and will only last for the briefest of moments. And although there is no actual proof to this, records of its use date back to 1897 where soldiers were very briefly presented with images of enemy planes in order to help them differentiate them from the friendly. The article 10 Facts about subliminal messaging found here, discusses some of the most noteworthy attempts at using subliminal messaging.

Well it is apparent that there is more information to suggest that subliminal messaging is but a myth, there is also a notable amount of information to propose otherwise.