Sold! To the Highest Bidder


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I’ve always wondered what the deal was with spam emails. In fact I always assumed it was something to do with not being able to come up with a password that would make Da Vinci proud (something I’ve never been good at). However contrary to my naïve belief, spam emails are actually in part, the result of organizations that get a hold of your email through common means (subscriptions, competitions etc) which they then go on to sell off to the highest bidder! The article One Simple CAN-SPAM Addition That Could Transform Your Email Marketing found here outlines some tough truths.

So how can you stop websites you once trusted that may potentially be sizing up how much they can make from selling of your details to another site?…. well that’s a bit of a difficult question to answer. But one of the most common ways for the savvy consumer to attempt to stay one step ahead is reading the fine print. Use common sense when it comes to subscriptions and make sure you understand what you are signing up too. The article 5 Ways to Stop Spam Email Today found here suggests some useful tips on how to prevent email spamming.

Lots of email engines like Gmail and Hotmail offer built in spam filters, however it’s important to be aware that more often than not, an important email can end up in the spam folder so keep an eye on it! The article How can I stop Getting Spam Emails?  found here, expands on this further.

There are a few interesting laws and regulations around email spam and the NZ Department of Internal Affairs has a comprehensive web page outlining them found here. Any Marketer looking to use digital marketing in the future should give these a read before pursuing some potentially illegal, spamming!


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