The Myths and Legends of Old


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Myths and legends have long since been popular bases for amazing bed time stories, but this blog post isn’t going to be focusing on the myth of the monster in the closet. In this day in age, just about everything can be attached with a partially true, but mostly false assumption and Social Media hasn’t escaped this. The article 11 Big Myths About Social Media and Content Marketing found here, brings to mind some common and in some cases, pesky marketing fables.

One myth I found particularly fascinating is that “Social Media will kill Email”. It is common and practiced knowledge that consumers cannot sign up to social media sites without a valid email account. Organisations that wish to pursue a combination of both social media and email marketing and promotion should be aware of this link and use it as an opportunity to strengthen their campaign. And if this isn’t enough incentive to believe that both email is not being phased out by Social Media, the article How Many Email Users are There? found here, supplies statistics that suggest approximately 2.9 billion email users. The article Social Networking Reaches Nearly One in Four Around the World found here, estimates 1.47 billion people around the world participate in social networks. This article also supplies a comprehensive break down on Social Networking usage and is well worth a look!

In any case it is important to do your research before believing in a myth such as the above, the article Email and Social Media: Playing in the Same Sandbox found here, highlights some noteworthy benefits such as increasing the rate of return and exposure with integrating social media to email programs.

Some Myths and Legends are more believable then the next, but you might want to pay attention to what you believe in when it comes down to Social business.


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