Social Media and Digital Marketing for the Noob and I


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Being the type to not have engaged in social media (shocking I know) or the type to have much knowledge of Digital Marketing, I entered into the Digital world with little to no basic knowledge or connection with it. I know I mustn’t be the only one who struggled to come to terms with everything digital so I am going to supply some helpful articles throughout this post.

One of the most remarkable things about the internet is its ability to provide you with solutions to almost any query or problem you may have! The Article The Noob Guide to Online Marketing found here is one such example and has a comprehensive chart that breaks down the key components of Digital Marketing. And as the title suggests, it has been designed for “noobs” which can roughly be translated as someone that has little to no knowledge or skill at something.

Another article I found really helpful was The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media found here. This article not only breaks down how to use Social Media, but it does it in specific section tailored to a Social Media site. In particular I would recommend checking out the LinkedIn section, which has some really helpful tips on how to set up your LinkedIn page.

I know social media can be a bit daunting but I believe it is fast becoming a very important aspect to everyday life and you do not want to be left behind during this mass shift of communication to the digital realm. As technology continues to evolve and communication becomes more of a deep set fixture online, people must make moves to ‘get involved’. In contrast to this, the article Social Media Noobs and Gurus found here, thinks otherwise and discusses how experts look down on newcomers to social media.

Finally the article 33 Hot Social Media and Digital Marketing Tips (and 8 Killer Quotes) found here, outlines some easy to understand tips for people looking to get a grasp on the basics of Social Media and Digital Marketing. 


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